MyBio Carnival 2011

11-12,17 July 2011
Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, Subang Jaya

After the successful approach last year, MyBio Carnival returns this year with more exciting and rewarding programmes. This time, Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre (MABIC) will be collaborating with Taylor’s University and its close partner, the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (BiotechCorp) in organising the carnival scheduled to take place from 11 July to 12 July, 17 July 2011. The big event will be hosted by Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. Taylor’s University would be an ideal place due to its accessibility, its capacity to host such a big event and the location of the campus which faces a beautiful looking lake.

The much awaited Biotechnology Carnival is only months away with so many activities to look forward to. It will also see participation of various stakeholders namely the scientists, members of the media, academia, students, teachers, industry who are key players in the field of biotechnology and the general public. Planned activities are

  • Interschool quiz competition: BioQuiz
  • Interschool spelling competition: BioSpell
  • Poster Drawing Competition
  • Interschool Public Speaking Competition
    1. Why do top students opt for medicine than biotechnology or biomedical?
    2. Malaysia is on the right track to promote biotechnology.
    3. Does biotechnology do more harm or good to the environment?
    4. Why scientists are not students role model?
    5. Can GM crops ensure global food security?
    6. Biotechnology is a boon to biodiversity
    7. Should the government ban animal testing in biotechnology laboratories?
    8. Which should be the priority research area in Malaysia – medical or agriculture?
    9. Do we need transgenic animals?
    10. GM crops are as safe as conventionally bred crops.
    1. The advantages and disadvantages to labelling GM foods.
    2. Discuss the arguments for and against stem cell research.
    3. Biotechnology literacy is important to the public.
    4. Can biofuel be a viable alternative to fossil fuel?
    5. Scientists are not communicating enough to the public.

  • Writing Competition: Bahasa Malaysia, English
  • Colouring Competition: BioColouring
  • Launch of The Petri Dish (MABIC’s free biotech newspaper)
  • Interactive biotechnology related games: BioGames
  • Exhibition by Research Institutes, Research Universities and Industry
  • Biotechnology demonstrations: BioWonders
  • Talks by well known biotech personalities: BioTalk
  • BioFashion Auction

With all the exciting activities about to take place, MyBio Carnival 2011 is definitely a programme not to be missed by anyone. With the dedication and support from various sectors and stakeholders, MyBio Carnival 2011 will become another big achievement in creating awareness on biotechnology for the betterment of biotechnology development in Malaysia. To have a glimpse into the world of biotechnology, head down to Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus from 11 July to 12 July, 17 July to be part of the carnival with your colleagues, family and friends. The carnival will be ideal for family outings where children will learn about biotechnology in an informal way.



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